Might Mean
Materiality: restraint, stability, constancy, predictable, conceivable, mundane or commonplace, down-to-earth, physical reality 

Belonging: receiving or providing support, security, loyalty, commitment, being part of a group, society, interdependence with others, shared experiences or responsibilities, carrying a burden, peer pressure
Order: rules, routine, schedule, discipline, norms and tradition, hierarchy, following instructions, programming, man-made things and environment, tools and technology, interface, distance from nature
For Example
Movie Clips & Videos:

Harold's routine - Stranger Than Fiction

Time beyond the shoe box - Paterson

Unfettered by foolish dreams - Dead Poets Society

Prickles and Goo - Alan Watts

Busman's Holiday (This American Life)
Babar The ElephantThe Little Prince – Businessman
The little golden things. Lazy people like them because they can dream when they look at them. But I am a serious man! I have no time to dream. Ah, stars? Yes, the stars.
And what do you do with five hundred million stars? Nothing. I own them. I look at them. I count them and I count them again, says the businessman. It is difficult. But I am a serious man!
If I own a jacket, I can put the jacket on me and I can take it with me. If I own a flower, I can pick the flower and take the flower with me. But you can’t pick the stars! No, but I can keep them in the bank. 
How can you do it? It is easy. I write the number of my stars on a little paper. And then I put the paper in the bank. And it is enough? It is enough, says the businessman. It is funny, thinks the little prince. But it is not very serious.

Golconda (René Magritte)
And The Flip Side Is

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