The Symbols
House,  Lion, Seagull, Cypress Tree, Ocean, Fog, Moon
Might Mean
Surrender: release, subdue, pushover, victim, weakness, fragility, breakdown, defeat
Darkness: affliction, despair, trauma, trials, pain or growing pains, suffering, grief, sadness  
Conflict: anger, frustration, struggle, trials, challenge, fight, wrestling 
For Example
Movie Clips & Videos:

It's not your fault – Good Will Hunting

A short film to the music On The Nature of Daylight

The Two Fridas

​​​​​​​The Lion's Roar (First Aid Kit)

The Lion's Roar – First Aid Kit

Tarot: Strength Reversed
Mythology:  Sekhmet, Nemean Lion
Alchemy: The Dark Sun (Splendor Solis)
And The Flip Side Is

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