Might Mean
Visibility: being seen, seeing others as they are, exposure, being in the spotlight, recognition, authenticity, prestige, self-importance, pride

Presence: being fully there, availability, influence, importance, finding one's place in the world, defending one's position or values & ideas, sense of entitlement

Collectivity: interest or trust in others, public persona, working in the public sphere, service, sense of self
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as good as any, better than most – Gattaca

On 'Love' by Czeslaw Milosz

what it's like to be alive - At Eternity's Gate

"You are in the position of the king of the gods. You are a manifestation of the mystery of Brahma in the field of time. This is a high privilege. Appreciate it, honor it, and deal with life as though you were what you really are... And with this set of instructions, Indra gives up his idea of going out and becoming a yogi and finds that, in life, he can represent the eternal as a symbol, you might say, of the Brahma."
– Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth (Humbling of Indra, pp. 76-79)

The Crown Chakra – Joseph Campbell

"Opening the portals of the collective psyche means renewal of life for the individual, no matter whether this renewal is felt as pleasant or unpleasant. This is brought out in myths, where it is precisely the strongest and best man among the people, the hero, who gives way to the regressive longing and deliberately exposes himself to the danger of being devoured by the monster of the maternal abyss. 
He is, however, a hero only because in the final reckoning he does not allow himself to be devoured, but conquers the monster, not once but many times. The victory over the collective psyche alone yields the true value, the capture of the hoard, the invincible weapon, the magic talisman, or whatever it be that the myth deems most desirable."
– C.G. Jung, Two Essays on Analytical Psychology, par. 260 
Tarot: The Star
Mythology: Solar Deity
Alchemy: The Red King (Splendor Solis)
And the Flip Side Is

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