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Rest: calm, quiet, peace, relaxation, contemplation, openness, willingness, idleness, sedentary, being a homebody, patience, not rocking the boat, inertia, boredom, passivity
Stillness: stability, balance, settling down, returning home, ancestral roots, satisfaction, loyalty, memory, grounding, nostalgia, baggage, immobility, stagnation
Depth: soul-searching, wisdom, guidance, planning, long-term, purpose, focus, moving slowly or cautiously, control, analysis paralysis
For Example
Movie Clips & Videos:

A settled life (better with a co-pilot) – Up in the Air

Pictures and Mementos of Carl & Ellie – Up (and the story behind it)

Memory is a strange thing – Arrival (Facing the fear of existence)

The Persistence of Memory – Salvador Dali,        
Life Changes & Memory Loss – What They Had       
 How Memories Form and How We Lose Them – Catharine Young,   
Heart State and Hormonal Balancing – Christiane Northrup,  
Viveka, the Eternal, and the Net of Indra – Joseph Campbell
Two Heartbeats a Minute (Invisibilia),    
Unlocking the Mysteries of Time, Animal Minds (Radiolab), 
New Beginnings (This American Life)
"From the point of view of the Hindu, it is not so much that the external world will one day dissolve into the original Great Man, but that the ego's extraverted orientation toward the external world will disappear in order to make way for the Cosmic Man. This happens when the ego merges into the Self. The ego's discursive flow of representations (which goes from one thought to the other) and its desires (which runs from one object to another) calm down when the Great Man within is encountered."
– M.-L. von Franz, Man and His Symbols, p. 216

The painting that helped ease Van Gogh's most turbulent year

"As far as our superior functions are concerned, the efforts of many generations have detached a certain sum of energy that is under the control of our will. But there is a primitive in us all who lies beyond the reach of our will, and there we are entirely dependent on our instincts. Moreover, we experience the same phenomenon the moment we touch our inferior function, whereupon an indolence, exactly like the primitive's, possesses us immediately."
– Barbara Hannah, The Archetypal Symbolism of Animals
The Dog and His Master (Aesop),       
The Little Prince – Geographer (Saint-Exupéry))
Songs:  ​​​​​​​       
This Must Be The Place – Talking Heads,     
Stay Gold (First Aid Kit) 

Stay Gold – First Aid Kit

Tarot: The Chariot
Mythology: ChronosOdysseus
Alchemy: The Triple-Headed Eagle (Splendor Solis)
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