Might Mean
Reform: improvement, self-improvement, novelty seeking, risk taking, enlightenment, education, clarity, conviction, discrimination, injustice, one-sidedness, bias, all-or-nothing attitude, black and white thinking, perfectionism, exaggeration, extremes, destruction, violence, intimidation, bullying, victimization, law of the jungle, wounds, trauma, transgression, mortification, sacrifice, deserving punishment, weakness, fault, (learning from) mistakes, sins

Seriousness: sincerity, truth, rigidity, aspire to flawlessness, high standards, tragedy, drama, martyrdom, redemption, regrets, guilt, shame, anger, anxiety
Authority: compliance to a higher authority, divine nature, no choice, discipline, punishment, blame, condemnation, vengeance, coercion, repression (of Dionysian), father conflict
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Movie Clips & Videos:

Search for purity and the primitive – Paul Gauguin

I shouldn't have – Fantastic Mr. Fox

Preys and predators – Zootopia

"In war and propaganda, the enemy becomes an inhuman devil, the dark Shadow of the righteous, angelic image we are trying to maintain for ourselves. Sometimes we need this projection and polarization in order to see an issue clearly. A system can stay in an unhealthy imbalance for a long time if the conflicts are not categorized, polarized, and made to duke it out in some kind of dramatic confrontation." –Christopher Vogler, The Writer's Journey (The Ordeal, Demonization p. 164)

"The man, therefore, who, driven by his daimon, steps beyond the limits of the intermediary stage, truly enters the 'untrodden, untreadable regions,' where there are no charted ways and no shelter spreads a protecting roof over his head. He is now involved in an endless immersive trial in which he is his own counsel and ruthless examiner, and no secular or spiritual judge can restore his easy sleep. The once unequivocal ego loses the prerogative of being merely the prosecutor; it must also learn the role of the defendant." –C.G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections 
La Chèvre de Mr Séguin (Mr Seguin's Goat) - Alphonse Daudet
The poor thing. High up on her perch, she thought she was bigger than the world. In all, it was a grand day for our little Blanquette. 
Suddenly, a cold wind blew over the mountains. The vista turned a rosy purple – and then, it was night. “Already!” said the little goat, a little bit suprised. She began to shiver.
Then there was a terrible howl echoing in the mountain! She thought of the wolf. All day long she didn’t think of him but now…
Pink Moon (Nick Drake), Don't (Breathe Owl Breathe)
And none of you stand so tall, Pink Moon's gonna get you all
And The Flip Side Is

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