Might Mean
Uncertainty: not knowing, asking questions, seeking answers, doubt, changing one's mind, weighing the pros and cons, questioning the status quo, being in limbo, unrequited love, skepticism, criticism   

Chance: luck (good or bad), randomness, unexpected events, surprises, avoiding risks, not going after what one really wants, not being in control of what happens, fate, destiny, causality, apprehension, anxiety, hesitation, procrastination, waiting  

Options: having more than one choice, staying open, consulting others, exploration, no right or wrong answer, probabilities, many scenarios, creativity, change, anything is possible, indecision
For Example
Movie Clips & Videos:

Uncertain love – The Last Word

A Serious Man (Cohen Brothers)

The Trolley Problem though experiment – The Good Place

ArtemisFortuna, Anemoi (wind gods), 
Hecate (goddess of crossroads), Cardea (door hinge goddess), 
Janus (god of change and time), Father Time

What About the Bob?,
Up In The Air (Kevin Renick)

Up In The Air – Kevin Renick

Tarot: The Emperor Reversed
Alchemy: The Drowning King (Splendor Solis)
And the Flip Side Is

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