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Uncertainty: not knowing, unpredictable, asking questions or seeking answers, doubt, question oneself, changing one's mind, being in limbo, waiting, patience, procrastination, hesitation, anxiety

Chance: luck (good or bad), chaos, randomness, wind, unexpected events, letting others or events decide, not being in control of what happens, fate, destiny, causality

Options: having more than one choice, staying open, receptive to advice or new ideas, consulting others, exploration, no right or wrong answer, probabilities, anything is possible, irresolute, indecision 
For Example
Movie Clips & Videos:

The choice scene – Mr. Nobody

Look at things a different way – Dead Poets Society

You don't control your fate – Stranger Than Fiction

"In a seminar, Jung once said that doubt was the crown of life and that all certainty was merely one-sided. For in uncertainty and doubt, truth and error come together. Doubt is life, truth is often stagnation and death. When you are in doubt, you have the greatest opportunity to unite the dark and light sides of life. 
And indeed in my experience the most difficult thing to stand is never being sure one was right in a decision. One must decide, and once decided, one must support oneself in the decision, and yet at the same time one must stand the fact that one may have been quite wrong."
– Barbara Hannah, The Animus: The Spirit of Truth in Women, p.88

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