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Tradition: heritage, institutions, rituals, consistency, routine, standard, formality, repetition, uniformity, everyday life, commonplace, common sense, conservative, consensus, conformity, dogma

Head: cerebral, intellect, reason, understanding, logic, left brain, abstraction, programming, man-made things and environment, tools and technology,  circuit, electricity, interface 
Order: structure, organization, hierarchy, linear thinking, society, discipline, civilization, good manners, neat, government, standards and procedures, rules, instructions, schedule, alignment, agreement, one-dimensional
For Example
Movie Clips & Videos:

Counting brushstrokes – Stranger Than Fiction

Office life – Walter Mitty

 three level dream – Inception

TV Shows:
Night on Earth, Sleepless Cities episode (Netflix) 
The Crown (Netflix)
Busman's Holiday (This American Life)

"Nowadays, more and more people, especially those who live in large cities, suffer from a terrible emptiness and boredom, as if they a re waiting for something that never arrives. Movies and television, spectator sports and political excitements may divert them for a while, but again and again, exhausted and disenchanted, they have to return to the wasteland of their own lives. The only adventure that is still worthwhile for modern man lies in the inner realm of the unconscious psyche."
– M.-L. von Franz, Man and His Symbols, p.227-228

Prickles and Goo - Alan Watts

Babar The ElephantThe Little Prince​​​​​​​
Golconda (René Magritte)
Tarot: The Hierophant
Mythology: Jupiter or ZeusHomonoiaAiravata
Alchemy: The Arms of the Art (Splendor Solis)
And The Flip Side Is

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