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Might Mean
Relatedness: relationship, sharing a common identity, siblings or kindred spirits, friendship, familiarity, girl or boy next door, compatibility, copying, imitation, comparison

Extraversion: social life, joining a group, community of peers, friendly, approachable, finding one's place in the world, connection, networking, social media, over involvement with others  

Community: tribe, family, clan or gang, band, sticking with one another, following, loyalty, support, brotherly love, empathy, equality, everyman, influence, peer pressure
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Movie Clips & Videos:

O' Captain My Captain! - Dead Poets Society 

fitting in – The Americans

Bubble-Hopping and Bonus Catch-Up (Invisibilia),  
Michelle Phan: The Original Internet Influencer (Without Fail)
But what did he see in the clear stream below? His own image; no longer a dark, gray bird, ugly and disagreeable to look at, but a graceful and beautiful swan. To be born in a duck’s nest, in a farmyard, is of no consequence to a bird, if it is hatched from a swan’s egg. 
He now felt glad at having suffered sorrow and trouble, because it enabled him to enjoy so much better all the pleasure and happiness around him; for the great swans swam round the new-comer, and stroked his neck with their beaks, as a welcome. 
Tarot:  The Hermit Reversed
Mythology: Castor and Pollux
Alchemy: The Knight of The Double Fountain (Splendor Solis)
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