Might Mean
Restriction: constraints, discipline, discrimination, external rules, external motivation, repression, persecution, power play, law of the jungle, scapegoat, bullying

Judgement: tough love, uncompromising, perfectionism, rigidity, seeing things in black and white, all-or-nothing attitude, seriousness, strict morality, blame, guilt, shame, redemption 

Transgression: breaking the rules, crossing the line, going beyond limits, taking risks, rebellion, departure from the norm, disruption, extremes, hubris, misconduct, offense, sin
For Example
Movie Clips & Videos:

Search for purity and the primitive – Paul Gauguin

I shouldn't have – Fantastic Mr. Fox

"The natural line between the mind and body becomes an illusory boundary, a fortified fence, an armed wall separating that which is really inseparable. The desires of the flesh are pitted against the wants of the soul, and all too often the 'spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.' Man loses touch with his total organism, and the most he will allow is a mental representation, a self-image, or that total organism.
It is not exactly that man loses touch with his body. Rather, he loses touch with the unity of the body and mind, the unity of feeling and attention. The whole clarity of feeling-attention becomes disrupted and distorted, and in its place is left compulsive thinking on the one hand, and the dissociated body on the other." 
–Ken Wilber, No Boundary 
"In war and propaganda, the enemy becomes an inhuman devil, the dark Shadow of the righteous, angelic image we are trying to maintain for ourselves. Sometimes we need this projection and polarization in order to see an issue clearly. A system can stay in an unhealthy imbalance for a long time if the conflicts are not categorized, polarized, and made to duke it out in some kind of dramatic confrontation." 
–Christopher Vogler, The Writer's Journey (The Ordeal, Demonization p. 164)

Preys and predators – Zootopia

La Chèvre de Mr Séguin (Mr Seguin's Goat) - Alphonse Daudet    
(The story that inspired this card)
"The poor thing. High up on her perch, she thought she was bigger than the world. In all, it was a grand day for our little Blanquette. Suddenly, a cold wind blew over the mountains. The vista turned a rosy purple – and then, it was night. “Already!” said the little goat, a little bit suprised. She began to shiver. Then there was a terrible howl echoing in the mountain! She thought of the wolf. All day long she didn’t think of him but now…"
Don't – Breathe Owl Breathe, 
Pink Moon – Nick Drake  (inspiration for the pink moon in my drawing)
I saw it written and I saw it say
Pink moon is on its way
And none of you stand so tall
Pink Moon's gonna get you all
Tarot: Justice
Mythology: Lady Justice, Angel of Mercy
Alchemy: The Angel and the Dark Man (Splendor Solis)
And The Flip Side Is

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