Might Mean
Invisibility: need for privacy, working in the shadow, being away from the spotlight, anonymity, modesty (real or possibly the false kind), losing oneself, shame

Emptiness: absence, living in one's head, being distracted or not in one's body, virtual reality, impersonality, feeling unimportant or not being seen as a person, loneliness, mother conflict

Idealization: imagination, fantasy, escaping reality, perfectionism
For Example
Movie Clips & Videos:

A new view of the moon

Vincent Van Gogh – At Eternity's Gate 

Dream, in the midst of my life – Max Richter

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle (the novel that inspired this card)
(Toru, while thinking in the dark well) "I saw myself as the wind-up bird, flying through the summer sky, lighting on the branch of a huge tree somewhere, winding the world's spring." "Have you ever had that feeling – that you'd like to go to a whole different place and become a whole different self?"
Bluebird (Bukowski)
"The little prince is looking at the roses. They all look like his flower. He is surprised. Who are you? he asks. We are roses, the roses say.
Ah! says the little prince. And he is very unhappy. His flower says that she is the only flower of her kind in the whole universe. And here are five thousand roses, all the same, in one garden!
He thinks, So my rose is not very special. I have only a normal rose. So I have a normal rose and three volcanoes which are as high as my knees. It isn’t much. I think that I am not a great prince. And, he is lying in the grass and he is very sad." – The Little Prince

Nobody (Mitski), 
Pulaski at Night (Andrew Bird)

Pulaski at Night – Andrew Bird

Tarot: The World Reversed
Mythology: Trip Into The Underworld, Orpheus
Alchemy: The White Queen (Splendor Solis)
And The Flip Side Is

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