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Autonomy: free choice, maturity, being one’s own mother and father, internal motivation, resourcefulness, flexibility, fluid boundaries, bending the rules, craftiness

Tolerance: accepting mistakes and imperfections in oneself and others, forgiveness, leniency, lightness, humor, indulgence, unconditional love, compassion, legitimate, permissiveness, fear of conflict, self-serving
Balance: win-win solutions, accepting interdependence with others,  moderation, adaptability, change, synthesis, harmony, nuances, ambiguity, compromise, straddling the fence, neutrality, playing on both sides, double-think
For Example
Movie Clips & Videos:

Neil as Puck – Dead Poets Society

Exchange with the wolf – Fantastic Mr. Fox

Latin Names Scene – Fantastic Mr Fox, 
Lightening of the spirit – Chocolat,  
Hopp's Final Monologue – Zootopia, 
Tricksters godsThe Dynamic of Life – Joseph Campbell
On Becoming an Adult – Joseph Campbell
"Surely this red one was the devil, but my devil. That is, he was my joy, the joy of the serious person, who keeps watch alone on the high tower –his red-colored, red-scented, warm bright red joy. Not the secret joy of his thoughts and in his looking but that strange joy of the world that comes unsuspected like a warm southerly wind with swelling fragrant blossoms and the ease of living." 
–C.J. Jung, The Red Book, Liber Secundus - The Red One
The Musicians of Bremen (Brothers Grimm)  
(The story that in part inspired this card, except I traded the rooster for a crow and owl, and the cat and dog for the anthropomorphic fox)
"Taken completely by surprise, the terrified bandits fled screaming: 'The Devil! The Devil!' And their abandoned meal ended up in the four friends' stomachs.
And so the donkey, the dog, the cat and the rooster took over the house without any trouble and, with the booty left behind by the bandits, always had food on the table, and lived happy and contented for many years."

The Perfect Life (Moby with Wayne Coyne)

The Perfect Life (perfectionism in philosophy)

Tarot: The Devil
Mythology: Dionysus, LuciferIrisFour Harmonious Animals
Alchemy: The Hermaphrodite (Splendor Solis)
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