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Certainty: confidence, instinct, assurance, guidance, predictable, can do attitude, not asking for approval, purpose, assertiveness, acting quickly, not accepting mistakes, arrogance 

Will: making conscious choices, intention, setting goals, knowing what one's want, making dreams a reality, committing to a course of action or strategy, being in control, personal responsibility, discipline, habits

Necessity: requirement, obligation, wake-up call, responding to or making demands, no alternative, this is the only choice, has to be only one right answer
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Movie Clips & Videos:

Leaving nothing to chance – The Last Word

Chidi's new sense of clarity– The Good Place

You have to die – Stranger Than Fiction

"The animus can impart a deceptive but very seductive feeling of being 'always right'. Certainty is always one-sided, and when we allow the opposite to live, then we become prey to doubt. 
But in this doubt, suffering, and uncertainty, there is somewhere a purpose, perhaps even a superhuman or divine purpose, that is not all in vain... the lifelong task of discovering the Self, the divine part of man.” 
– Barbara Hannah, The Spirit of Inner Truth in Women Vol 2 (p. 368)

The Roosters of Chagall  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Kenny's Window (Maurice Sendak) 
“You’ve answered all the questions, the rooster shouted, and you can have whatever you want. I wish, Kenny said slowly, —I wish I had a horse, and a ship with an extra room for a friend.
You can have them, said the rooster. When? cried Kenny. Where are they? I see them, he whispered, past the houses, over the bridge, near a mountain on the edge of the ocean. That’s too far, said Kenny and he looked away.
But you’re halfway there, the rooster said. In the dark, Kenny’s eyes grew big. How did I get so far? he asked. You made a wish, said the rooster, and a wish is halfway to wherever you want to go.”
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