Might Mean
Idealism: perfectionism, excellence, purity, correction, seeing things in black and white, saint or sinner, all-or-nothing, exaggeration, hubris

Judgement: opinion, criticism, evaluation, law, discernment, unforgiving, judgmental, being hard on oneself or others, tough love, chastise, blame, contempt, punishment, persecution, scapegoat, bullying 

Integrity: ethics, morality, restraint, line not to be crossed, uncompromising, rigidity, indignation, misconduct, offense, sin, guilt, shame
For Example
Movie Clips & Videos:

I shouldn't have – Fantastic Mr. Fox

Maybe it's not fair to judge – A Serious Man

"Masculine justice is impersonal and objective. It is enshrined in our legal code and penal system, and calls for an impartial and uniform meting out of justice as society requires it, for various offenses, without regards to individual considerations. Feminine justice on the other hand, is the justice of nature. It is personal, and suited to the particular circumstances. It prevails in matter of human relationship, and also in the matter of our relationship with the unconscious and with nature." 
–John A. Sanford, The Invisible Partners, p. 83-84.

Preys and predators – Zootopia

La Chèvre de Mr Séguin (Mr Seguin's Goat) - Alphonse Daudet    
(The story that inspired this card)
"The poor thing. High up on her perch, she thought she was bigger than the world. In all, it was a grand day for our little Blanquette. Suddenly, a cold wind blew over the mountains. The vista turned a rosy purple – and then, it was night. “Already!” said the little goat, a little bit suprised. She began to shiver. Then there was a terrible howl echoing in the mountain! She thought of the wolf. All day long she didn’t think of him but now…"
L'Exil – L'Heptade (Harmonium), 
Pink Moon – Nick Drake  (inspiration for the pink moon in my drawing)
I saw it written and I saw it say
Pink moon is on its way
And none of you stand so tall
Pink Moon's gonna get you all
Tarot: The Devil
Mythology: ​​​​​​​Prometheus, Horned God
Alchemy: The Angel and the Dark Man (Splendor Solis)
And The Flip Side Is

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