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Transcendence: life-changing experience, going beyond oneself or one's knowledge, breakthrough, fantasy, dreams and the unconscious, mythological dreams, collective unconscious, poetry, romantic love

Freedom: adventure, travel, exploration, not following the rules, deviation from the norm, independence, absence of responsibilities
Chaos: proceeding without method, flighty, unpredictable, spontaneity,  organic environment, love of nature, Dionysian, turbulence, instability
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Movie Clips & Videos:

Life's Motto - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Golden The Pony Boy - The Science of Sleep

What will your verse be? - Dead Poets Society

"the psychic material which is the stuff of psychosis and found in the insane [...] is also the matrix of a mythopoeic imagination which has vanished from our rational age ... it appears a risky experiment or a questionable adventure to entrust oneself to the uncertain path that leads into the depths of the unconscious. It is considered the path of error, of equivocation and misunderstanding. Unpopular, ambiguous, and dangerous, it is a voyage of discovery to the other pole of the world."  –C.G. Jung (Memories, Dreams, Reflections)

Madness - Alan Watts

"Nietzsche had lost the ground under his feet [like a blank page whirling about in the wind of the spirit], because he possessed nothing more than the inner world of his thoughts – which incidentally possessed him more than he it. He was uprooted and hovered above the earth, and therefore succumbed to exaggeration and irreality."  –C.G. Jung (Memories, Dreams, Reflections)
 "when he looks at my plane, he asks, “What is this thing?”
I answer, “It is a plane. It can fly. It is my plane.”
And I am happy when I tell him that I can fly. Then he says, “What? Are you from the sky?” “Yes,” I say."
Wild Horses (Rolling Stones)
Over the Town (Marc Chagall)
Mythology: Pegasus
Tarot: The Fool
Alchemy: The Philosopher and His Flask (Splendor Solis)
And The Flip Side Is

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