Might Mean
Nature: balance of spiritual/mental/physical/material, accepting imperfections, harmony, humanism, impartiality, compassion, adaptability, playing with nuances, having options, variety, freedom, fluid boundaries, ambiguity, straddling the fence, neutrality, liminality, double-think, craftiness, self-serving

Praise: approval, merit, appreciation, unconditional love, joie de vivre, bliss, love, carpe diem, living the good life, epicureanism, hedonism, revel, humor, lightness, ease, entertainment, comedy, integration of the Dionysian
Performance: living one's purpose, talent, gift, playing one's role, making it work, coming into one's own, maturity, being one's own mother and father, experience, wisdom, principles, taking one's responsibility, agency, self-direction, self-actualization
For Example
Movie Clips & Videos:

Bliss and righteousness shall kiss – Babette's Feast (plot summary)

Living a full life – Fantastic Mr. Fox

Mozart's genius – Amadeus

Lightening of the spirit – Chocolat,   
Culinary JoyComforting and New – Ratatouille (Pixar)​​​​
Tricksters and the opening of the heart - Joseph Campbell
"On the centaur level, you still have access to the ego, the body, the persona, and the shadow; but because you are no longer exclusively identified with one as against the others, all of these elements work in harmony. You have befriended them all and touched each with acceptance. There are no intractable boundaries between them and so no major battles."
–Ken Wilber, No Boundary
"Surely this red one was the devil, but my devil. That is, he was my joy, the joy of the serious person, who keeps watch alone on the high tower –his red-colored, red-scented, warm bright red joy. Not the secret joy of his thoughts and in his looking but that strange joy of the world that comes unsuspected like a warm southerly wind with swelling fragrant blossoms and the ease of living." –C.J. Jung, The Red Book, Liber Secundus - The Red One
The Musicians of Bremen (Brothers Grimm)  
(The story that inspired this card)
"Taken completely by surprise, the terrified bandits fled screaming: “The Devil! The Devil!” And their abandoned meal ended up in the four friends’ stomachs.
And so the donkey, the dog, the cat and the rooster took over the house without any trouble and, with the booty left behind by the bandits, always had food on the table, and lived happy and contented for many years."
The Perfect Life (Moby with Wayne Coyne)

The Perfect Life (perfectionism in philosophy)

Tarot: Justice
Mythology: Dionysus, IrisFour Harmonious Animals
Alchemy: The Hermaphrodite (Splendor Solis)
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