Might Mean
Certainty: knowing one's purpose or life's meaning, not questioning one's actions or asking for approval, confidence, habits, cycles or repetition

Present: living in the present, engaging with life and the world, new beginnings, acting quickly, not thinking, spontaneity

Will: making decisions, setting goals, commitment, acceptance, can do attitude, being in control, discipline, authority, being assertive, making dreams a reality
For Example
Movie Clips & Videos:

You Have To Make the Right Choice – Mr. Nobody

The Most Important Decision in Your Lives – Moonrise Kingdom

How much does luck decide our lives?

The Choice (Short Animated Movie),
Alan watts – Choice 
Kenny's Window (Maurice Sendak) 
“You’ve answered all the questions, the rooster shouted, and you can have whatever you want. I wish, Kenny said slowly, —I wish I had a horse, and a ship with an extra room for a friend.
You can have them, said the rooster. When? cried Kenny. Where are they? I see them, he whispered, past the houses, over the bridge, near a mountain on the edge of the ocean. That’s too far, said Kenny and he looked away.
But you’re halfway there, the rooster said. In the dark, Kenny’s eyes grew big. How did I get so far? he asked. You made a wish, said the rooster, and a wish is halfway to wherever you want to go.”
Tarot: The Emperor
Mythology: Gallic Rooster, Jupiter
Alchemy: The Drowning King (Splendor Solis)
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