Might Mean
Liberty: freedom of choice, room to maneuver, laxity, tolerance, endurance, permissiveness, loose, soft, scattered, clutter, confusion
Quantity: abundance, resources, expansion, fertility, generosity, give and take, prosperity, surplus/savings, infinity, over-consumption, lots of something, mediocre, excess, obsession, overwhelm, imbalance, hoarding
Pleasure: enjoyment, indulgence, nurturing, sensuality, hedonism, nourishment, consumption, energy, power, appetite, food as fuel 
For Example
Movie Clips & Videos:

We makes our nests bigger – Ratatouille

The story with money - The Laundromat

Help getting fascinated – Adaptation

I Love To Eat Scene – Julie and Julia
The Love of Chocolate – Chocolat, 
The Goddess, Giver of Forms – Joseph Campbell
Kraftland (Invisibilia)
Tell Me I'm Fat,  
The Giant Pool of Money (This American Life)

"The animal urge – sexual desire or the lust for power or greed – can be transformed into an equally strong urge for consciousness. The greed to understand is far more constructive than the greed for something that but partially satisfies or even disappoints when one finally has it."
– Barbara Hannah, The Archetypal Symbolism of Animals

La Folie des Grandeurs (Delusions of Grandeur, Magritte),
Self-Obliteration (Kusawa)

Yayoi Kusama - Infinity

Tarot: The Empress
Mythology: Demeter, Mother Nature  
Alchemy: Digging for Gold (Splendor Solis)
And the Flip Side Is

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