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Beauty: aesthetics, style, fashion, fascination, charm, manners, seduction, flattery, vanity, perfectionism, superficiality
Insecurity: fear of ridicule, concerned about what others think or feel, shyness, being nice or pleasing, pushover
Mystery: depth, secrets, not telling or disguising the truth, maintaining a facade or persona, hiding one's feelings or pain
For Example
Movie Clips & Videos:

like an angel – Forrest Gump

you're kind of mysterious – Yes Man

Joel meeting Clementine – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

"[The anima woman] may have no deeper motive than eagerness to please, to do what is expected of her, to fulfill another person's ideal of her. This other person is usually a man. She rarely stops to ask what she herself wants of how she feels.... Her actions and their results have no connection. She cannot see herself as a whole."  
– M. Esther Harding, The Way of All Women
Serial Ghosters, Run On Sentence
The Beauty Puzzle​​​​​​​, Rapunzel
You're Beautiful (Ada)
"The Ghostly Lover always acts as one who lures his victims away from reality by promises of bliss in another world. In the woman's psychology he is the counterpart to the siren in the man's. In the man's psychology, as in mythology, the siren by her music and charm lures the man to a watery grave. The Ghostly Lover, by the promise of untold bliss, entices the woman to seek his arms in the air. 
Such a fantasy inevitably stands between the girl and all the boys and men she meets. It is as though her acquaintances have an unseen rival whom they must surpass before they can hope to win her attention."  
– M. Esther Harding, The Way of All Women
Tarot: The Moon

Echo, Prince CharmingDistant Princess, Rapunzel

Alchemy: The Peacock (Splendor Solis)
And the Flip Side Is

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