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Attachment: connection, bonding, closeness, trust, commitment, loyalty, devotion, not giving up or being able to, holding on, clinging,  dependency, fear of loss, stuck

Care: caring, self-care, compassion, sensitivity, acceptance, attention, responsibility, guardian, protection, interest or concern, safety, duty or obligation, need, control, worry, pushy or needy, pressure, oppression​​​​​​​

Permanence: potential, creative power, procreation, family, continuation, constancy, patience, stability, eternity, preservation, immortality, survival, presence
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Movie Clips & Videos:

Fatherly advice – The Tree of Life

Love and care – Your Sister's Sister

Trying to help someone – The Soloist

"The safeguard against the unconscious, which is what his mother meant to him, is not replaced by anything in the modern man's education; unconsciously, therefore, his ideal of marriage is so arranged that his wife has to take over the magical role of the mother. Under the cloak of the ideally exclusive marriage he is really seeking his mother's protection, and thus plays into the hands of his wife's possessive instincts. 
His fear of the dark incalculable power of the unconscious gives his wife an illegitimate authority over him, and forges such a dangerously close union that the marriage is permanently on the brink of explosion from internal tension–or else, out of protest, he flies to the other extreme, with the same results."
– C.G. Jung, Two Essays on Analytical Psychology, par. 314-316

Eyeoneye (Andrew Bird about coming too close to the source)

Eyeoneye – Andrew Bird

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