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Attachment: connection, bonding, closeness, showing concern or interest, caring or being cared for, commitment, safety, loyalty, support, devotion, not giving up or being able to, holding on, clinging,  dependence, stubbornness, fear of loss, feeling stuck

Effort: strength, self-control, paying attention, putting effort in or nurturing the relationship, responsibility, restraint, enforcement, resistance, duty or obligation, need, control, worry  

Fullness: completeness or wholeness, seeing things from multiple points of view, presence, gestation, creation, leaving a legacy, meaning, sufficiency, being occupied, filled to capacity, no more room for anything else, intensity, pressure
For Example
Movie Clips & Videos:

Fatherly advice – The Tree of Life

Love and care – Your Sister's Sister

Trying to help someone – The Soloist

5th Vital Sign (Invisibilia), 
Hit Me With Your Best ShotLove Is A Battlefield (This American Life),
Comfort, If Not A Cure (Modern Love)
"A Centaur is a legendary animal, half human and half horse, so it well represents a perfect union and harmony of mental and physical. A centaur is not a horse rider in control of her horse, but a rider who is one with her horse. Not a psyche divorced from and in control of a soma, but a self-controlling, self-governing, psychosomatic unity. To find centric meaning in life–fundamental meaning–is to find that the very process of life itself generates joy." 
– Ken Wilber, No Boundary
Take Courage (Andrew Bird), 
Playing Dead (Breathe Owl Breathe)

Playing Dead – Breathe Owl Breathe

And the Flip Side Is

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