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Attachment: connection, bonding, closeness, showing concern or interest, caring or being cared for, commitment, safety, loyalty, devotion, not giving up or being able to, holding on, dependence, stubbornness, fear of loss, feeling stuck

Effort: strength, self-control, paying attention, responsibility, restraint, enforcement, resistance, duty or obligation, need, control, worry, inequality in the relationship  

Fullness: completeness or wholeness, seeing things from multiple points of view, presence, gestation, creation, leaving a legacy, meaning, sufficiency, being occupied, filled to capacity, no more room for anything else, intensity, pressure
For Example
Movie Clips & Videos:

Fatherly advice – The Tree of Life

Love and care – Your Sister's Sister

Trying to help someone – The Soloist

5th Vital Sign (Invisibilia), 
Hit Me With Your Best Shot (This American Life),
Comfort, If Not A Cure (Modern Love)
"A Centaur is a legendary animal, half human and half horse, so it well represents a perfect union and harmony of mental and physical. A centaur is not a horse rider in control of her horse, but a rider who is one with her horse. Not a psyche divorced from and in control of a soma, but a self-controlling, self-governing, psychosomatic unity. To find centric meaning in life–fundamental meaning–is to find that the very process of life itself generates joy." 
– Ken Wilber, No Boundary
Take Courage (Andrew Bird), 
Playing Dead (Breathe Owl Breathe)

Playing Dead – Breathe Owl Breathe

And the Flip Side Is

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