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Attachment: connection, bonding, closeness, trust, commitment, loyalty, devotion, not giving up or being able to, holding on, clinging,  dependency, fear of loss, stuck

Care: caring, self-care, compassion, sensitivity, acceptance, attention, responsibility, guardian, protection, interest or concern, safety, duty or obligation, need, control, worry, pushy or needy, pressure, oppression​​​​​​​

Continuity: potential, creative power, procreation, family, constancy, patience, stability, eternity, preservation, immortality, survival, presence
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Movie Clips & Videos:

Fatherly advice – The Tree of Life

Love and care – Your Sister's Sister

Trying to help someone – The Soloist

"A Centaur is a legendary animal, half human and half horse, so it well represents a perfect union and harmony of mental and physical. A centaur is not a horse rider in control of her horse, but a rider who is one with her horse. Not a psyche divorced from and in control of a soma, but a self-controlling, self-governing, psychosomatic unity. To find centric meaning in life–fundamental meaning–is to find that the very process of life itself generates joy."
– Ken Wilber, No Boundary

"When children are born what they need most from their parents is love, by which I mean affection, attention, care, protection, kindness, and the willingness to communicate. If these needs are gratified, the bodies of those children will retain the good memory of such caring affection all their lives, and later, as adults, they will be able to pass on the same kind of love to their children. But if this is not the case, the children will be left with a lifelong yearning for the fulfillment of their initial (and vital) needs. In later life, this yearning will be directed at other people."
– Alice Miller, The Body Never Lies

Eyeoneye (Andrew Bird about coming too close to the source)

Eyeoneye – Andrew Bird

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