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Attachment: connection, bonding, closeness, showing concern or interest, caring or being cared for, commitment, safety, loyalty, support, devotion, not giving up or being able to, holding on, clinging,  dependence, stubbornness, fear of loss, feeling stuck

Effort: strength, self-control, paying attention, putting effort in or nurturing the relationship, responsibility, restraint, enforcement, duty or obligation, need, control, worry  

Fullness: completeness or wholeness, seeing things from multiple points of view, presence, gestation, creation, new beginning, leaving a legacy, life goes on, meaning, sufficiency, being occupied, filled to capacity, no more room for anything else, intensity, pressure
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Movie Clips & Videos:

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5th Vital Sign (Invisibilia), 
Hit Me With Your Best ShotLove Is A Battlefield (This American Life),
Comfort, If Not A Cure (Modern Love)
"Many women sense dimly that in the experience of childbirth more happens than they are entirely conscious of. They know intuitively that the significance of childbearing is deeper than the production of the actual physical child. The infant means to them far more than they can explain.There enters into their love of the child an emotion which belongs to deeper and more subjective significances, for the child represents the promise of the renewal of life–of immortality and of re-creation. 
The physical child is to his mother another self, a non-personal, an "object" self. The spiritual child born of the experience of maternity is in the same way not the mother's personal ego reborn, but is non-personal, a new center of the psyche, which Jung has called the Self." 
– M Esther Harding, The Way of All Women
Take Courage (Andrew Bird), 
Playing Dead (Breathe Owl Breathe)

Playing Dead – Breathe Owl Breathe

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Mythology: CuraShed (Egyptian god)
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And the Flip Side Is

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