Might Mean
Openness: feeling at one with the world, trust, tolerance, loose boundaries, transparency, collective unconscious

Intimacy: love, affection, intimacy (physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual), vulnerability, confidences, reciprocity, soul connection

Agreement: understanding, contract, forming an alliance, marriage, commitment, peace, harmony, union of opposites, needing one another, compassion, civility, manners
For Example
Movie Clips & Videos: ​​​​​​​

The wedding scene - Moonrise Kingdom

The center of the wheel: I choose you – Joseph Campbell

“There was a Door to which I found no Key
There was a Veil past which I could not see
Some little Talk awhile of ME and THEE
There seemed--and then no more of THEE and ME.” 
― Omar Khayyám 
Songs: Tiny Dancer scene in Almost Famous (Elton John)​​​​​​​

You are home - Almost Famous

Tarot: The Lovers
Mythology: Marriage As Unity Of The Two (The Power of Myth)
Alchemy: The Royal Couple (Splendor Solis)
And the Flip Side Is

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