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The angel balances between one foot on the rocks, expressing the need to stay grounded, and one foot in the water, showing the need to be in flow. She pours water between two cups, symbolic of the flow and alchemy of life.
Temperance as The Curator
Both the Curator and the angel of Temperance have wings and a foot on the ground, encouraging moderation and a balance between the conscious and subconscious mind. The angel mixes water with wine while the real life owl leaves the parts of its prey that are indigestible.
In the Curator, owls are also symbols of secrecy and don’t speak among one another, which points to a psychology of compartmentalization. One of the owls however is hugging another who’s a little reluctant. This represents a fusion of two compartments, which has to happen slowly (Jung mentioned the danger of fusing compartments too quickly, p. 240 in Barbara Hannah’s book on the Animus, vol 2).
Similarly in the Temperance card the angel pours water between two cups (or compartments), symbolic of a crossing from the temporal to the spiritual. The squirrel at the bottom of the apple tree holds a single precious golden apple, symbol of immortality (or could mean a psychological insight).
This card works in tandem with The Consumer, which I associate with The Empress in the Tarot.

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