Medieval Stories: Insights from the Tarot

The Tarot originally was like a picture book for illiterate peasants, a sort of pilgrim's progress featuring the journey of the human soul from hell to heaven. It starts as the fool not knowing its predicament and meeting a wise man, the magician, who acts as a guide and gets him to seek knowledge of his true nature and purpose.This medieval journey from hell to heaven seems archaic to a modern mind but in reality there is much to learn if we view it as a psychological process. Hell might as well be a medieval term for the unconscious state where one suffers from depression and various neurosis, while the magician could be seen as the therapist who guides the patient in analysis. By comparing the symbolism between my cards and those of the Tarot we can take advantage of these medieval insights and gain a new perspective of today’s psychology. Some Tarot cards are missing from the journey at the moment but I'll get to them as I continue my progress with the Oracle deck.