Medieval Stories: Insights from the Splendor Solis

Up until recently I had only ever seen a few isolated images of the Splendor Solis on the Internet and in books, and seeing them all as a system I was curious to compare each plate with my Oracle cards as before with the Tarot. At first it was like a fun game of Where’s Waldo, mostly comparing visuals and symbolic meaning, but as it turns out there's an uncanny correspondence in the psychological meaning too. The book of Henderson and Sherwood, Transformation of the Psyche - The Symbolic Alchemy of the Splendor Solis helped me realize that comparison. Because it looks at the imagery through patients analysis and dreams it allowed me to better understand my own images in the light of depth psychology and the stages of individuation. Some of the plates have minimal commentary at the moment but I'll keep adding more as I make progress on the Oracle.