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This plate shows a tired but radiant sun rising above the horizon in the countryside. There is a city in the background. On the frame are birds, flowers, butterfly and fruit. Gold is triumphant, elevated above the earth by the alchemist. (Stephen Skinner's Splendor Solis commentary)
The Red Sun vs The Survivor
Becoming conscious - "This image of the inner sun tells us that becoming more conscious does not result in a state of elation or bliss. This is a world of quietly evocative imagery, were ordinary life is imbued with depth and meaning."
My drawing of the Survivor is the opposite of The Sufferer that goes with the Dark Sun. Here the lion symbolizes the presence of the Self, now visible and visibly calm (the anger is no longer repressed and the sadness has disappeared). The bird is now fearlessly standing on its head. The fog has made way for a radiant sun.  
Note: the quotes in italic are from the book by J.L. Henderson and D.N. Sherwood, Transformation of the Psyche: The Symbolic Alchemy of the Splendor Solis

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