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For the Cathar, Justice in the Devil’s world is an illusion and not to be relied on. Any idea that justice can be had on earth is false . The physical world is intrinsically unjust because the Devil is contrary.
Justice as The Enjoyer
The sword held in the Justice’s right hand represent the logical well-ordered mindset that dispenses fair justice and the scale in her left hand symbolizes impartiality and shows that intuition must balance logic. Psychologically, this can point to a balancing of the personality.
In my drawing of The Performer the fox has a sense of humor and can be a bit of a trickster like Reynard the Fox in that he follows his own justice. But the crow and owl perched above his head are meant to provide him with a conscience (or Higher Self): the crow brings him the fatherly conscience of reason and judgement, and the owl contributes the motherly conscience of unconditional acceptance, both necessary for mature love (Eric Fromm, The Art of Loving, p.41).
Other inspirations for my drawing were the myth of Orpheus and the story of the Musicians of Bremen (though I changed the characters a bit) and that is because the animals in the story group together to save themselves and become autonomous. In that way it symbolizes a healing of the collective shadow that caused the ordeal in The Innocent Offender and The Tower.
Going back to the Tarot, a pink veil behind Justice hangs between two pillars and symbolizes compassion, while the fox The Enjoyer (with his red fur) also represents the heart or unifying power of love (and he plays music, thus bringing harmony).
The little white shoe that pops out from beneath the Justice's clothing is a reminder of the spiritual consequences of one’s actions, which in my drawing is expressed by the donkey, representing responsibility for mistakes one might have made and having learned from them.
This card works in tandem with The Reformer, which I associate with The Tower in the Tarot.

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